Yohan of TST Dies

Yohan of TST Dies at 28-years-old.

On June 16, KJ Music Entertainment confirmed that the band member Yohan had died. The agency issued a statement and announced the death of the TST member.

Additionally, the statement said that Yohan’s family is in distress and the media should refrain from spreading rumors regarding the cause of Yohan’s death.

Yohan’s family has decided to keep his cause of death private.

Yohan began his music career in 2015 with the group NOM. The group disbanded in 2018, and Yohan joined the TST group, also known as Top Secret. The band members include Yohan, Wooyoung, Yonghyun, Junghoon, K, and Kyeongha, who left the band after sexual allegations in 2018.

TST became popular over the years with some of their hits She, Love Story, Mind Control, Wake Up, and Paradise. The band released their fourth album In January of this year. They also took to V live to talk to their fans.

TST had been promoting the album with only 4 members since the other two members were engaged elsewhere. K enlisted in the military while WooYoung was resting due to health problems.

The wake of Yohan will be held in Severance hospital in Sinchon. He will be laid to rest on June 18 at a cemetery in Yongin. On April 16, Yohan celebrated his 28th birthday, and he posted a pic holding a birthday cake.

The last Instagram post was on May 31, where he posted his selfies traveling around the world.

Fans of Yohan have since taken to social media to express their shock and condolences.