T.I Demands Explanation On Why Police Held Black Kids at Gunpoint

T.I demands an explanation on why police held black kids at gunpoint. This is after a viral video of a police officer holding black teenagers at gunpoint even though they were unarmed.

According to 11Alive T.I stood with the teen’s parents at a press conference and asked “why is it that we can’t see a white kid held at gunpoint by the police officers?” Also, the Grand Hustle Mogul said the constitution was for every person.

In addition, T.I said it seemed like you have to be of a certain race or color for you to enjoy the benefits of the constitution. According to a police statement released and handed over to 11Alive, the officer got dispatched after they received a call from a gas station clerk.  The clerk indicated that a bunch of black teenagers had stolen some items and were waving a gun around.

In the video, several onlookers can be heard asking the officer what the kids did. One person in the crowd asked the officer why his gun was drawn. The officer replied he was keeping safe.

After more officers arrived, the teens were patted down, and the officers did not find any weapons on them. However, the authorities confirmed to 11Alive that they did see a gun-like object which the teens were playing with.

Afterwards, the teens later explained it was a BB gun. The community came together making it clear, they want the police officer fired. T.I asked why is it only black kids being gunned down? Also, he said young white kids go hunting with rifles with their parents, but they are never held at gunpoint.

However, he emphasized people should not mince their words and pretend like they don’t know what is happening.