Sean Penn Offers Free COVID 19 Tests at Protests

Actor Sean Penn is doing his part, and he is offering free COVID 19 testing to protesters.

Following the death of George Floyd on March 25, protesters have been hitting the streets to protest against police brutality and racial inequality.

Many protesters have disregarded the social distancing guidelines.  They claim that racial discrimination is more threatening compared to contracting COVID 19.

Penn referred to the Black Lives Matter Movement as an “existential moment.”

During his recent interview with Howard Stern, on SiriusXM Penn stated it’s a shame that the movement is happening during the COVID pandemic.

He also added that both testing and the Protestants are essential right now. People can’t afford to lose the moment.

Penn announced that his non-profit organization, CORE will administer free testing for protesters as the push for racial equality does not need to slow down anytime soon.

Penn also announced that they would be going to Washington D.C to work hand-in-hand with Mayor Muriel Bayer’s office. He added that they would start with mobile free testing for demonstrators.

Furthermore, Penn said that he fully supports those Protestants who are fighting for their full amendment rights. Stern applauded Sean for his passion and commitment.

Penn is not only an established actor (he has won two Oscars for his work in “Milk” and “Mystic River”), but he has also championed social causes.

For instance, his non-profit organization CORE,  has stepped in various pandemics. It helped rebuild Haiti after it was crushed by the 2010 earthquake and the distressing Mathew Hurricane that happened in 2016.