Rayshard Brooks Funeral-Paid by Tyler Perry

27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was shot on Friday outside a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta. Mr. Brooks was shot after police officers responded to a call made that there was a man who had slept in his car in the Wendy’s restaurant drive-thru lane. Apparently Brooks, was intoxicated and blocking the lane of the drive thru.

Brooks tries to get away

When the cops arrived, Brooks told officers he will walk home, but that wasn’t good enough. Officers continued to ask him questions and proceeded to arrest him.

Meanwhile, one officer attempts to arrest Brooks, but it didn’t end well

Brooks, resisted arrest and took one of the officers tasers. As he attempted to run away with the taser, he was shot 3 times.

The family of Brooks received a generous offer from Tyler Perry as he offered to pay for all his funeral costs.

Tyler Perry’s Offer

Chris Stewart, Brook’s family attorney announced on Monday that Perry would pay for Rayshard Brooks funeral costs. The same day protesters demanded to end racial discrimination during a ‘’March on Protest”.

However, Tyler Perry has not made an official statement on social media regarding the funeral. Nevertheless, he did post a quote earlier on Monday from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Family and Celebs Speak Out

Brooks family members spoke during the process conference. Among the ones who spoke was Brook’s niece, who described him as a loving husband, a caring brother, and a dependable uncle.

Additionally, she said that the incident traumatized the entire family.

Perry is among the many celebrities who are vocal about racism and police brutality. In the meantime, stars are calling for change and unity following the many killings in the black community.

Over the weekend, rapper T.I attended a protest in Atlanta, where he advocated unity to bring about change in the country.

Kim Kardashian West was also not left behind in the cry for justice for black lives.  On Sunday, she shared a link to a petition for justice of the killing of Rayshard Brooks. Subsequently, she urged her followers to sign the petition and continue spreading awareness.

On Sunday, Chance The Rapper, also tweeted that the police shot Brook on the back as he ran away and added the hashtag “#Judgejuryexecutioner.”

The medical examiner’s report ruled out his murder as a homicide caused by two gunshots at the back.