Pharrell Williams Helped to Declare Juneteenth State Holiday in Virginia

Pharrell Williams helped make history, by declaring June 19th a holiday in his home town the state of Virginia.

On Tuesday, the musician, together with the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, held a press conference. The conference was to declare June 19th, which is known as Juneteenth, a state holiday. The holiday celebrates the end of slavery in the U.S.

Williams, who grew up in the state of Virginia called the move a big display of progress. This is in regards to the ongoing mass protests to end racial injustice.

During the press conference, the 47-year-old musician said that each time black people look up in the sky and see the stars moving they should know it is their ancestors celebrating for finally being acknowledged.

Governor Northam said on June 19th, all the state workers would have a paid day off.

Pharrell Williams helped declare the holiday and called on other businesses to follow suit and give their employees a paid day off to celebrate the important day.

Although Juneteenth is not a government holiday, major corporations like Nike, Square, Twitter, NFL, and PEOPLE owners announced they recognized the June 19 holiday for its employees.

Early in June, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that henceforth June 19th was a holiday for the company and its employees.

Last week NFL and Nike announced that they would follow suit and make Juneteenth a company holiday. The NFL commissioner, Roger Godell said the holiday aimed to make people reflect on themselves. Additionally, consider how people can work together to build a better future.

Also, Nike CEO John Donahoe issued a similar statement to his employees and declared Juneteenth an annual paid holiday.