Officer Garrett Rolfe Charged With Murder

Former Officer Garrett Rolfe, to be charged with Felony Murder among 11 charges. Rolfe, is the officer who killed Rayshard Brooks.

The district attorney’s office in Atlanta also announced the second officer Devin Bronsan to be charged with 3 charges. 1 of them being Aggravated Assault. In the footage obtained by the police officer’s bodycam, Bronsan was seen standing on Rayshard Brooks’ body after he was shot. 

Meanwhile, Rolfe, kicked him while he was on the ground. Bronsan has now agreed to cooperate and testify against his former partner, Garrett Rolfe.

Rayshard Brooks, resisted arrest after failing a sobriety test in a Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta. Brooks fell asleep behind the wheel while blocking the drive thru lane at the fast food restaurant.

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Brooks was killed on Friday June 12th, a day before he planned to celebrate his daughter’s 8th birthday. His 8-year-old daughter was looking forward to her father picking her up the following day to go skating. Unfortunately this young girl’s father never made it.

The city of Atlanta, along with many others around the country are outraged. Brooks’ killing comes just a few weeks after the death of George Floyd.

With protests flowing throughout the nation, we now have to add Rayshard Brooks to the list of those who have been killed in the hands of police.