Nicki Minaj Talks On Marriage Life Says It Is Refreshing and Calming

Nicki Minaj talks on marriage life says it is refreshing and calming to be married to Kenneth Petty. The two are still in the wedding bliss period.  Minaj tied the knot with Kenneth Petty last year in October.

The rapper discussed her marriage life with rapper Lil Wayne on his radio series show on Friday. Wayne, 37, congratulated Minaj on her wedding and asked her how married life was like. Minaj replied, saying that it was “good, good.”

The artist said that she did not think marriage life was that refreshing and calming. Also, she added that it feels good to have a person or soul mate who understands you even though you are not yet married. She continued to say that the feeling makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

Although the couple began dating back in 2018, Derrick Milano a musician and Nicki’s friend,told PEOPLE that the two had known each other since they were kids. Milano said that Petty knows Minaj well, and that is why they have a special connection. He added that Petty is not on Instagram, and he does not want to be famous. His main aim is to concentrate on Nicki.

Nicki Minaj Talks On Marriage Life and Pregnancy

Recently, Minaj ignited rumors when she tweeted that she is experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Minaj listed foods she was craving while staying at home since the corona pandemic started.

One follower on her twitter account asked her whether she has been throwing up in the morning and constantly going to the bathroom.

Nicki Minaj Drops Pregnancy Rumors Among Fans During A Q&A With ...

The artist replied and said she is not throwing up just nausea and peeing a lot. Afterward, requests for a baby bump reveal folded in.

Minaj told her followers she was not yet there. She also added that maybe in a couple of months since the world isn’t ready for her baby bump yet.