Michael Clifford Apologizes for Past Behavior but Denies Sexual Allegations

Michael Clifford apologizes for his recent offensive crimes. However, he denies the recently surfaced sexual allegation claims.

On Saturday, the 5 seconds of summer member Michael Clifford apologized for his past behaviors.

5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford apologizes for ...

This was after  his homophobic and misogynistic remarks recently surfaced from his Twitter account when he was 16 years old.

Clifford conveyed his regrets and said he is a different person today. He added that he now has a better understanding of the world than he did when he was a young boy.

Additionally, Michael Clifford apologized and said he was sorry for hurting people. He said that was never his intention.

Michael Clifford Apologized to Fans…

Michael says he was embarrassed and sorry and that he never plans to hurt anyone ever again. Though the guitarist did not specify the allegations, he was apologizing for.

He made the apology after one twitter user posted a thread of accusations. The accusations were that the guitarist made homophobic and misogynistic remarks back in 2012.

On social media, another user who deleted her account, went accused the guitarist of sexually assaulting them.

The user claimed the incident happened in the summer of 2013 when 5SOS opened up for One Direction.

The alleged accuser who was 14 at the time said Clifford violated her right to privacy by inappropriately touching her. Clifford allegedly jumped into the crowd at the concert when his alleged victim was touched inappropriately.

Clifford replied to the accusations saying he was heartbroken to read such things.

He said that he was never allowed to go in the crowd and he would never think of doing something like that.

The accuser then reappeared using another account and refuted the claims.

The accuser claimed she was sorry for being wrong about Michael Clifford for seven years and that he was innocent.

She went on to say the man who touched her was not Michael Clifford.

Additionally, she said if there was a way she could erase the damage she caused she would.