Madison Prewett Says That She Has No Hard Feelings Towards Peter Weber’s Mom

Barb Weber made it quite clear that she does not think Madison Prewett was the right fit for her son. However, the Bachelor contestant said that she does not harbor hard feelings towards peter Weber’s mother.

Chris Harrison caught up with the Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss during the Monday night episode of The Bachelor. The two ladies are among the final contestants in the ABC series. The last time Harrison saw the two ladies was during the Final Rose special episode.

During the episode, Barb did not hide sharing her feelings towards Miss Prewett. Barb viewed out her opinion after Prewett rekindled her love with Weber after ending his engagement with Sluss.

However, several days after the episode aired, Prewett and Peter decided to call it quits on their relationship. Since then, Peter has found a new love, and Barb, Peter’s mom approved of the relationship.

Harrison asked Prewett how she feels now that Barb accepted Peters’ new relationship and how she had treated her when she was dating Peter. Prewett said she and Kelley Flanagan, Peter’s new girlfriend were close during the show.

She continued to add that even though she loved Peter she is happy that he has found someone he could be the best version of himself with. Additionally, she said that she does not harbor any hard feelings on Barb.

Consequently, she said Barb was doing what a mom is supposed to do, and that is to protect her son.

Prewett also said they are still good friends with Sluss. She said they had a connection instantly when they met on the show, and that relationship continued even after the show was over.