Lady Gaga’s Fan Explains The Reason Singer Gave Her The Leather Jacket Which She Wore

Lady Gaga’s fan explains the warm reason the singer gave her a leather jacket which she wore. The two met in a market place in Malibu.

On Wednesday, Shannon McKee told Today she met the 37-year-old singer in a market in Malibu and complimented her outfit. McKee recalled that she told Lady Gaga that she had a bad ass jacket.

She recognized the singer’s voice but did not get too close. McKee, who is a nanny and ranch hand went back to her car but felt there was something she needed to tell the Grammy Winner. She added she had a story to tell Gaga, and thought it would be best if she heard it straight from her.

McKee told Gaga that back in high school, her best friend came out to her.

Lady Gaga’s Fan Says Best Friend Dedicated Tattoos to the Singer

Additionally, she said the first five tattoos which he got were all dedicated to Gaga. Also, she told the Grammy winner that recently her brother came out to her too. Besides that, McKee thanked Lady Gaga for being a good ally.

McKee said Gaga was accompanied by her boyfriend, Michael Polansky. Gaga told McKee to send her love to her friend and keep the jacket as a souvenir from their meeting.

The memorable moment when Gaga gifted the jacket to McKee was photographed by paparazzi who were close by.

In the picture, the singer is seen wearing black jeggins, a black bra, and a white mask as she hands over the leather jacket.

Lady Gaga's Fan Recalls Why the Singer Gave Her the Leather Jacket ...

According to Today, McKee said she could not have been happier to meet someone as sweet as Gaga. She added that she was a fan of the singer since high school.  Also, she said meeting Gaga in the market was perfect timing.