Lady Antebellum Changes Their Name to Lady A

The Grammy Award Winning Group Lady Antebellum changed their name on Thursday to “Lady A” via social media.

The Trio popularly known for their hits” Bartender” and “Need You Know” renounced the name, which was associated with the American civil war. As a result, the group received a ton of backlash from fans.

The trio which consists of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood, released a statement via social media in regards to their group name. According to the trio, when the band was formed 14 years ago, they did not know the heavy association the name had with the Pre-Civil War and its ties to slavery.

The country trio decided to drop the name after having honest conversations with their real friends.

However, the trio stated they were sorry for the hurt the previous name had caused everyone. They added that it was not their intention to hurt people.

Also, the band added that no excuse could justify their current decision. After being in the music industry for almost a decade and a half they were deeply embarrassed and remorseful.

The band also acknowledged their lateness and said it was the first step in addressing systemic racism.

The statement said the group is taking the needed measures to be better and improve themselves while practicing anti-racism.

The group has a non-profit organization known as LADYAID which launched back in 2012. The trio said they would be donating in regards to equal justice initiative through LADYAID.

The decision for the band to drop the name “Antebellum” comes at a time when protesters nationwide are calling for systematic changes that will see an end to racial discrimination.

The decision to drop their name comes when protests are ongoing Nationwide. These ongoing protest are followed by the devastating death of George Floyd, which occurred in late May.