Adele Sends Her Love to Survivors of Grenfell Tower Fire

The deadly London Grenfell Tower fire took the lives of 72 innocent people. Singer Adele took part in a virtual memorial service for all the people involved in fire tragedy. She also sent her love and support to all the survivors of the fatal ablaze.

Sunday marked the third anniversary of the London Grenfell tower fire. In regards to this, Adele shared a few words as she partook in the virtual memorial service. Adele had shown her love for the Grenfell community for many years, which was no different this year.

Sending Love

She said she was sending her love to all the survivors and people who were affected by the fire. She said it was important for people to mourn together. However, people still needed to remember that the fire happened and how their lives changed.

Also, she said that it was vital for them to celebrate the lives lived before the deadly fire occurred—reflecting on the current world tragedy. In this case, she said that people need to come together as a community right now. She continued to say that human beings are designed to work as a pack. As a result, we are not supposed to be left on our own.

Additionally, she said human beings need each other to survive, and that is a trait that she sees with the people living in the Grenfell community. The songstress added that she is proud to be involved with the Grenfell community. A group working together to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again.

When closing her message, she said it was sad she could not join the community members due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, she told them that she missed them and could not wait to spend time with them during next year’s anniversary.