Former Lady Antebellum Band Promises a Way Forward After Name Change Controversy

Former Lady Antebellum band promises a way forward after name change controversy. Last week the country band known as Lady Antebellum changed their name, which they were using for the past 14 years. The group changed the name after realizing that it was associated with slavery.

After announcing their name changer, another blues singer blasted the group. She said that “Lady A” was her name, which she had been using.

Former Lady Antebellum Promises to Find a Common Solution

On Monday, the band member shared their first post after announcing their name change. Additionally, they said that they video chatted with the blues singer whose real name is Anita White.

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The post, which was also posted by White, said that both the group and White had real, and transparent conversations. Additionally, the post said that they would move forward and find a common solution that will work for the affected parties.

Lady A, blasted the group and asked them how they could say that black lives matter while they took her name without consulting her. She told Rolling stone that not one member of the group reached out to her before announcing their name change.

The blues gospel musician told the magazine that she had used the name Lady A for the past 20 years. She added that it was her brand and that she was proud of what she had done with it.

The country group announced the name change on Thursday of last week. This was after they realized the name was used during the American civil war.

The name change move comes at a period when there is the black lives matter movement. The movement began after the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police.

The band asked for forgiveness from everyone for the pain they caused by using the name.