Chrissy Teigen’s Children Draft a Hilarious Recovery Card After She Had Her Boobs Removed

Luna, Chrissy Teigen’s daughter bid her mom boobies farewell. On Thursday, the 34-year-old supermodel went on Instagram and announced that she had undergone a breast surgery to remove her breast implants.

Teigen said the surgery went perfectly well apart from the normal residual pains and she also shared a special hilarious get well soon card she got from her kids.

Teigen also said reading the funny card given to her by her kids made the pain to at least go away for a few seconds.

Luna, who is only 4 years old, is Chrissy and singer John Legend eldest child.

On the front part, Luna wrote, “Have fun pulling your boobies out,” and on the back part, she wrote,” bye boobies.”

Teigen wrote on her twitter page that waking up to that note was the best part of the whole ordeal.

Teigen and Legend also share a son, Miles, who is two years old and is the one behind the adorable mermaid customized sticker that adjourned the get well soon card.

During a March interview with Glamour UK Teigen revealed that she had had breast implants when she was 20.

The supermodel added that the implants were mainly for a swimsuit shoot.

At first, she thought that the boobies were going to be perky, but after she had babies, she felt it was time to get them out since they were deflated due to milk buildup.

In May, she wrote on her Instagram  the boobies have been great for her for several years, but it was time for her to let them go.

For her to qualify for the surgery, Teigen had to get tested for the corona virus.

She documented the whole process on twitter for her 13 million followers to see.