Cardi B Gets New Piercings

Cardi B gets new piercings, and she documents the process on her Instagram story. Offset, Cardi’s husband was with her throughout the entire period. He holds her hand as she screams out in pain.

Cardi B's Painful experience as she goes for Dermal Piercing On ...

The rapper decided to add to her already vast collection of tattoos and piercings three other dermal piercings. Meanwhile, Cardi got three dermal piercings on her chest and one more labret piercing on her lower lip.

The Bodak Yellow rapper shared every intricate detail with all her fans on social media. Cardi B captioned “1 Down” as she posted the first series of the piercing videos on her Instagram.

Additionally, the videos show Cardi screaming and laughing in pain at the same time.

When the piercer moved to the next piercing, Cardi jokingly says she was not sure if she agreed to get the piercing. However,Offset cheered her on, but Cardi retorted and told him that he should also get one piercing himself.

When it was time to pierce her lower lip, Cardi screamed in pain, and she captioned that it hurt, and she had forgotten what getting a piercing felt like. After she got over the piercing pain, Cardi showed off her piercings in an Instagram post.

The rapper recently revamped her old peacock tattoo. It took 10 hours for tattoo artist Jamie Schene to complete the entire artwork, where he added eccentric details to it.

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The tattoo is now enhanced with brighter colors and more detail.