Bob Dylan Talks About Creating New Music Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and Shares His Thoughts On George Floyd’s Death

Bob Dylan is finally feeling the effect of the coronal pandemic in his music. However, this does not alter his creativity.

In an interview on Friday published by the New York Times, the 79-year-old Expert Rocker talked about the release his new studio album titled “Rough and Rowdy Ways” and his thoughts about George Floyd’s demise.

Dylan expressed his sadness and disappointment on Floyd’s death in police custody, which happened in his home state, Minnesota.

Also, he told the outlet that he was sickened to see George tortured to death the way he was. He continued to say he hopes justice comes soon for Floyd’s family and the entire nation.

When asked about his music creativity, Dylan revealed that he loves to create his music in hotel rooms. According to the rockstar, hotel rooms are the closest he gets to a private studio.

While living in Malibu for several months, the rocker attributes his musical creativity to being close to the Pacific Ocean.

When Dylan was asked whether he thought the corona virus is something biblical, he answered that he felt that the virus was some divine intervention.

He stated that the pandemic is a forerunner of something else that is yet to come.

During the interview, Dylan also mentioned Little Richards unrecognized talent as a gospel musician. He claimed that Little Richard was a great gospel musician.

Despite the adverse effects brought about by the corona virus, the legendary songwriter is still doing well both physically and mentally.

He said all he wants to do is go on a straight line, stay on it, and stay on the level.