Amy Grant reveals her scar and talks about her miraculous recovery

On Sunday, Amy Grant reveals her scar in a post on her instagram and talked about her miraculous recovery. She thanked her fans, colleagues, friends and family for their support after having heart surgery.

Amy told her fans in February she had a heart disease known as PAPVR or “partial anomalous pulmonary venous return.” She had the condition since birth, but her doctor recently discovered it.

Grant described the whole experience as one of a non-runner who is scheduled for a marathon.

To begin with, Amy did not want the surgery, but she knew that she had to get it. Also, she added once in the surgery room, it felt like she encountered a runner’s block. Somehow there was a massive like wind that seemed to push her forward.

The singer said the whole ordeal was like some miraculous healing. Additionally,Velvet Kelm, who is Amy’s publicist, told the press the surgery could not have gone better, according to her doctor.

The first time that Grant revealed her condition on social media; she gave all the credit to her doctor, John Bright Cage. John is the one that encouraged her to take multiple tests following her family history of heart problems.

The singer continued to write that the good news is she is asymptomatic and the condition is fixable. She also said that instead of being out and about for concerts and camping trips, she would spend more time taking care of her heart.

Grant also thanked every person who prayed for her. She said that prayer changes everything and that people should continue to pray for the country. Subsequently, they should try and  and turn the brokenness into love for one another.