Cardi B is still making moves for the community during this pandemic!

Cardi B, is a trendsetter and move-maker who rose to fame from the ‘Love and Hip Hop NY,” reality television show. Cardi’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” which has now gone multi-platinum featured her hit single “Bodak Yellow.” Now, the “Bodak Yellow”, superstar is still making moves for the community during this pandemic.

Cardi B on social media

Generally, she is active on “Instagram Live” in her home with her quarantine gear on, expressing what we all want to mention about these times, but never say aloud.

Like her infamous “Coronavirus! Coronavirus! Sh*t is getting real” statement. 

Fans, media, or anyone who views her Facebook and Instagram Live posts can get an idea of how she is feeling during this quarantine period. One of her fans became viral from looping her distress of COVID-19, and is now popular all over the internet. Since then, there was an explosion of Tik-tok videos, dances; and lip syncing to the tune.

Giving back to the community…again

Cardi B is giving back to the community by donating a sum of one million dollars to individuals and families in need during this pandemic. In other words, each family should receive one thousand dollars. To sign up, you must visit her website and tell your story. On her “Fashion Nova” website, she posts the lucky winners each hour after their story is reviewed. This wasn’t the first time she gave back to her fans and community; and it won’t be the last.

Click below to view the Fashion Nova’s charity website

In a recent “Instagram Live” Cardi stated, “If you are wondering why your Fashion Nova hasn’t arrived it’s because…Coronavirus!” She also mentions that new music is on the way.