Student penalized for reciting Future’s Lyrics

Lyricism is a critical part of hip hop culture. Whether you are talking about money, power, or respect. In Washington, Illinois, a student by the name of Brandon Porter got in trouble for singing Future’s lyrics out loud.  At School District 308,  a female student heard him say “AK season with the book bag.” He replaced the original word “Draco” with “AK,” causing the student to feel threatened.  The female student told school officials about it which ultimately lead to Brandon being suspended from school.  Brandon was given three “in” and “out” of school suspensions. He also cannot participate in extracurricular activities.

Now, Brandon’s father believes that the punishment was too harsh. He claims his son did not impose any threat on the students, and he was simply reciting lyrics to a song.

According to Brandon’s father, his son was on his way to the school bus when it happened. Watch the interview with Brandon’s father here.

Did the school district take matters too far by suspending Brandon for a total of six days?

Watch the video for Future’s song “Draco” here.