Nipsey Hussle’s collaboration with the PUMA franchise is a success!

Nipsey Hussle is an American rapper/entrepreneur who is very influential to new school artists. His rhymes are a syndicate of the common hustle of the California native. So, “Who knew?” he will come thus far, especially from the lyrics in his song “Double Up,” he speaks the reality of growing up around cocaine and other substances. Then, he draws distinctions between his girl and the dope game, saying he would put it behind him for her love and relationship. Unfortunately, Nipsey Hussle died March 31, 2019 and left his mark on the hip hop scene. So much that puma is releasing an endorsement line of clothing for the California rapper.

The Marathon Clothing

The Marathon Clothing Store is an establishment by Nipsey Hustle. The store is located on 3420 West Slauson Ave F, Los Angeles, California 90043. But, “Who knew?” he will persevere through the struggle and give back to the community—“Who knew?” Subsequently, the money generated from the urban-wear and endorsement with PUMA goes to the “Neighborhood Nip foundation.” Whereas, it is a charity and the money helps raise funds for the community. When Nipsey made the collaboration with PUMA, he insisted to endorse with TMC not himself. In fact, he even sold puma merchandise at the Marathon Clothing store! Therefore, the connection with the brand is genuine.

Puma x TMC is SOLD out!

Nipsey believed in optimism and positive thinking. One can say great achievements begin with the mind. The mind is a power muscle for the hustle. So, what a great success for Nipsey Hussle as his black and red track suit, red track suit, black and white sneakers are sold out! For instance, the track suit will cost around $160; however, sold as separates for $70 to $80 for the iconic pieces. Likewise, the red hoody and sweat pants are a heavy hitter that is out of stock. The Three Fs: Fans, Friends and family are waiting for new shipments. It is an opportunity they don’t want to miss!

100% goes to Charity

The consolidation [In honor of his legacy] was a memorandum of the artist, craft, and his alertness to his community. Puma x TMC did so well that PUMA met their quota in proceeding to the neighborhood Nip Foundation. A whopping 100% goes to the charity that covers Los Angeles and other tough neighborhoods across the nation. Nipsy contributions are positive and memorable to California and the hip hop community.


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