Kanye West made a settlement with his music publisher

Kanye west is an American rapper/hip hop artist who is an innovator and motivator in rap culture. His sound is “Iced out” and relatable to listeners internationally. Also, his lyrics have witty undertones, wordplay, and punchlines. Moreover, he is one of the first rappers to release a chart-topping gospel rap “Jesus Walks.” But, looking back from “Through The Wire” in 2004 to now, his reputation of innovation did not cease to end. Especially, with his Sunday service and his new album, “Jesus is King.” One can understand that his works are underpaid. Now, Kanye West made a settlement with his publisher to regain full rights to the music. This way, he does not feel that he is a ‘Slave to the rhythm.’

Kanye  West’s  Contract Settlement

Kanye West had several negotiations for the rights to his music. He even sued the subsidiary record label, EMI and stated that contracts should not exceed seven years. Initially, he made posts on social media saying he was subject to mind control. Reportedly, the recording company told him if he pays 8 to 9 million he will regain ownership. When he was ready to pay, the company turned down the offer abruptly. Finally, the record label made a settlement with Kanye on his contract. The label will come up with a resolution to West’s request in a few days.

The publisher’s role on Music

Typically, many artists have issues over the rights in music. Contracts require several reviews from a lawyer and the artist. A publisher’s role is to protect the rights of the music from infringement and round up the royalties, for instance. This will mean that the publisher will pocket the entire share of 20 percent or more if the artist does not own the publishing rights. A publisher is a positive figure in the Business of Music; however, if you do not own the rights, sometimes it will do more bad than good.