“First Wives Club” premiered today on BET+. First Wives Club is a new television series based on the original film that debuted back in 1996.

The remake written by Tracy Oliver, brings an urban up to date feel with an African American cast. Tracy brings us into the lives of three wives who are fed up of coming second to their husbands. As a result they end up showing their husbands who is really the “boss.”  

Actor Malik Yoba (Derrick) plays the role of a husband who is developing an artist whom he is  having an affair with. He’s focused on his new artist and her career that he abandons his wife, Jill Scott, (Hazel) and her music career. Hazel is a singing superstar of her own, who eventually reminds Derrick its due to her stardom he is able to live the life he’s living. 

Mark Tallman (David) plays the role of a married politician who is self centered, and selfish towards his wife, Michelle Bathe (Ari). David is so wrapped up into himself that he neglects his wife’s needs, even sexually.

RonReaco Lee (Gary) plays the role of a teacher, father, and husband to his college sweetheart Michelle Buteau (Bree). Gary and Bree face indefelity issues, which causes for him and Bree to separate for some time. As a result of heir separation Bree ends up having an affair with a hot bartender.

These wives are truly aiming to regain their identity.

Catch a snippet of Season 1 Episode 1 “First Wives Club.”