Easy-E’s family set the record with a new tombstone.

Easy-E is an American rapper born on September 7, 1964; in Compton, California, and is known as one of the pioneers of conscious rap music. Eric “Easy E” Wright was a notable member of the rap group N.W.A in the 90’s era. He delivers explicit lyrics and relatable verses that speaks on community issues, gun-play, and cars. As a result, many can’t help themselves but to sing “Cruising down the street in my 64!” or even play the track on repeat, for instance. After a couple of albums and hit records; he was pronounced dead on March 26, 1995, after a major hospitalization. Posthumously, his music lives on as his family members reminisce in remembrance of his birthday at Rose Hill Memorial Park and Mortuary in Whittier, California.

Black vinyl tombstone

Generally, It was a pleasant surprise that the children of Easy-E: Lil Easy-E and Erica Wright made the decision to re-design their father’s tombstone. The stone has a high gloss and black lacquer finish with photos of Easy- E that resembles a vinyl cover. It has a few text inscriptions of “The godfather of gangster rap”, “He put Compton on the map”, and “We loved him but God loved him more.” Then, in an Instagram post, his son, Lil Easy E mentions; “We love n miss you pops…” Likewise, there are countless numbers of people who miss and adore their father, Easy-E. So, on his birthday, September 7th, it is time to gather the memorabilia and musicality that reflects on the Compton rapper.


Whether you remember him from the motion picture “Straight out of Compton” or his rap songs; his legacy still lives on because of his hard work, perseverance, and his children. The tombstone appears to be high quality, well-done, and of musical taste. Easy-E has made a way for other artists from Compton and other parts of California to proceed with success in the music business and even in other endeavors. Conversely, may his legacy and music live on forevermore.