For many years sexual abuse and pedophilia has been the face of the white man. Political figures such as President Donald J. Trump, Harvey Weinstein, the pastor from the popular show “7th Heaven” or the cool rock kid from the infamous show Glee were the “typical” faces of sexual assault that we were seeing plastered over news stations, social media, and other related outlets. Now, the black man is the new face of sexual assault, pedophilia, rape, and abuse. Popular black male figures such as Bill Cosby, Robert Kelly, and Michael Jackson, are now making headlines. They are now using powerful black figures such as Oprah Winfrey, John Legend, Gayle King, Wendy Williams, etc to push this new narrative.

Most recently the world watched as Gayle King interviewed Robert Kelly along with his two current live-in girlfriends. As it was emotionally expressed by Robert Kelly, he claims the allegations made are completely false. As he stated, “y’all are trying to kill me.” 

Yes, many can say that the stories of the accusers are consistent. However, is it possible that maybe it was coerced to tear down Robert Kelly’s legacy ? Is this not the same when some of Michael Jackson’s accusers reneged on their claims ? Does the narrative now make sense when we see the conviction of Bill Cosby ? Yet we see many photos of prominent sexual figures like Hugh Hefner, widely known for having multiple young women whom he also drugged along with Bill Cosby. Is Hugh Hefner a pedophile as well ? Is he a sexual abuser ? Is he not considered disgusting because he was an old white man who desired a plethora of younger women ?

Is the world is attempting to make black men the “new” face of sexual abuse?