New York City radio host Angela Yee, from “The Breakfast Club“, reveals 21 Savage’s father is allegedly Dr. Amsu Anpu. While Angela started to talk about it, on the radio, her co-hosts, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God tried to deflect her from continuing on. Watch the clip below.


Dr. Amsu Anpu, is a certified Naturopath Doctor, Nutritionist, Dietitian, and Herbalist. According to Charlamagne he’s a friend of Angela’s who often visits the breakfast club. Since the secret is now out, Charlamagne questions if Dr. Amsu is in the U.S legally. Angela quickly tried to move on to the next topic.

Check out one of Dr. Amsu’s appearance’s on “The Breakfast Club” below.

Dr. Amsu Anpu has his own instagram account, where he has shared pictures with 21 featured in them.

21 Savage, made a Breakfast Club appearance back in December 2018, where he talks about his father’s abandonment. Again, at that time no one knew who his father was. According to the Grammy nominated rapper, the last time he spoke to his father was in the 6th grade. The above picture clearly shows 21 as an adult pictured with his alleged father at someone’s 16th birthday party.

Clip 1: 21 Savage talks about his father not being around and not sending him any money.


Clip 2: 21 Savage talks about wanting a cellphone, and having to sell weed to get it because his father only sent $100. 


Clip 3: 21 Savage talks about the affect it had on him not having his father growing up. 


Clip 4: 21 Savage talks about getting shot and his father not showing up to the hospital.