Bronx rapper Dream Doll has some words for Tory Lanez with her “On Ya Head” diss track. While Tory Lanez was going at it with Don Q on his “Queen Don” diss track, he through Dream Doll in the mix.

Here’s the line:

You paid Dream Doll for a feature to get the p****, and somehow you think you f******with me. The first night I seen Dream Doll I f***** her for free.Β 

While Don and Tory received a lot of attention, Dream Doll took the opportunity to join in on the rap feud with “On Ya Head.”

Dream Doll admits to having sex with Tory Lanez, but claims Tory wanted a threesome with her and another male.

Only n***** I f*****, that wanted a threesome with another n****.”

Tory showed Dream Doll some love under her post promoting the diss track.