Blac Chyna got into a violent altercation with her now ex boo Kid Buu while vacationing in Honolulu, Hawaii.

According to TMZ  just before 7am, Chyna and Kid Buu got into a heated argument. Apparently Chyna accused Kid Buu of cheating, and that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

Chyna allegedly scratched Kid Buu, and he slammed her against the wall several times, and choked her.

This all went down at the Ritz-Carlton in Honolulu. The police and the paramedics were called to the hotel but no one was was arrested or taken to the hospital.

Kidd Buu posted this video on his instagram account speaking in Spanish, which translates to “Don’t f**k with me, I’m a grown man.”


It was all good between the two love birds less than 24 hrs before the incident took place.

Chyna was sending us all a message full of positive vibes.


Check them out getting up close and personal.


Her estranged relationship with her mother Tokyo is still on the rocks. Tokyo took to her instagram account to share her thoughts on Kid Buu being around her grandchildren.


According to recent reports, Rob Kardashian claims it was Chyna’s turn to have their daughter Dream, but she flew out to Hawaii instead with Kid Buu. Rob supposedly was trying to drop Dream off, when he realized he could not get in touch with her.

Chyna claims her nannies were supposedly at the house, and she says Rob could have went to the house and knocked on the door like he’s done in the past. The problem with this is that the two have a custody agreement, and Chyna did not tell Rob she was going out of town.

According to TMZ, there is a new custody agreement in the works, and Rob might be able to get his child support reduced in half from 20k to 10k a month. Chyna’s recent antics could help Rob in court.

Both Rob and Tyga, need to seriously intervene for the safety of their children. Chyna has been seen within the last few months with a number of different men. She is quick to have different men around her children as well. It’s beyond out of control.