The first authentic Caribbean food truck takes over Dallas, Texas.

Brooklyn, New York breeds a lot of young talented individuals. From basketball players, to singers, and rappers. You name it Brooklyn’s got it. These two men who grew up in Brooklyn had a special talent which is their gourmet talents of knowing how to cook. With them having a Caribbean background from the islands of Grenada and Trinidad they’ve mastered how to cook authentic, tasty, Caribbean food. Together they’ve launched their own food truck business Caribbia, (flavors of the islands) in Dallas, Texas.

Their growing success has caught the attention of many people in the Dallas area. It’s hard to find authentic, good tasting, Caribbean food in this city. This is what sets the Caribbia food truck apart from the rest. Whenever people see this food truck at any event, people flock to their truck as long lines develop to get a taste of the Caribbean.


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